Thank You All for Coming to My Party


I would like to thank everyone for gracing my birthday party with your presence on May 08, at Club Pangaea, Hotel Ashok. You all added a bling to my party. I hope everyone enjoyed the party. You all have a distinct place in my life, as it is your love, support and enduring wishes that helped me to accomplish my goals.

You could have texted me if you wanted to. You could have made an excuse if you wanted to. You could have called in sick if you wanted to. You could have sent me a gift to make up for your absence if you wanted to. But I am glad that you chose to do none of this and attended my birthday party by shifting your appointments to another day.

I am also thankful to my fans and patrons who encouraged me in all ventures. Today, Dillano is an international…

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How crazy one can be on selecting its Employee???


A world of craziness where the SHIT is highly appreciated! A cool sounding Job application form where you will find all kind of SHIT Questions but guess what they are really “Full Of Life”.





Can you believe it, how much one could be creative on their Job portals? Here is an example of it.

It seems we are now getting rid of filling boring Job vacancies forms.

5 Things Every Female Remember Of her Childhood!

  • Being replica of my father:


  • Am I a girl or a boy: 


  • I can ride Bike like any of the boys in my school can, huh!


  • While asking about Pads mom replies when you get hurt you use pads! 😛


  • Be careful Big People! We think it’s a water Balloon thrown on the road:

images (1)

We all are big now but I bet this has happened with everyone of us. When we memorize it, we just laugh laugh and laugh… 😀

Imitation Jewellery : From Retail To E-Retail


Jewellery is an evergreen commodity which never ceases to attract eyeballs with the dazzling looks and stupendous designs. For ages, traditionally and in today’s modern world of the 21st century, its value has always been applauded, whether it is for investment purposes or for any special occasions. E- retailing is one of emerging ways to sell expensive as well as pocket-friendly jewellery. Today the e-retail business has emerged as one of the top market leader in e-commerce. Various types of jewellery have been brought in the limelight through these portals they have become a major source of market share chunk in the e-commerce industry.

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Women’s passion for jewellery can never die and when it comes to Indian women, the craze is quite known. India, which lost the top position in consumption of gold jewellery in the first half of 2012, is second only to China. While the shine of precious jewellery is still as attractive as ever, there is a new trend getting brighter by the day – the popularity of non-precious or costume jewellery. The local imitation jewellery market has seen almost a 50 percent rise in the past five years and is set to grow while the exports must have seen a rise of 20 percent. The Indian jewellery market is pegged at Rs 1.40 lakh crore with imitation jewellery market pegged at approximately Rs 7,000 crore and significantly growing at the CAGR of 15 to 20 percent year-on-year.

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A passionate designer and the creator of Dillano

Beautiful Work by a beautiful lady…


Those who care for perfection and subtle beauty and want to flaunt beautiful concoctions of diamonds and ethnic polki jewellery then they will no more be deprived of accomplished their dreams. Dillano the high-end brand of luxurious jewellery is the brainchild of Chitwn D Malhotra who created an entirely new medley of diamond ensembles for the women of twenty-first century. Her personal panache to seeks out gemstones with interesting and unique inclusions have always designed jewellery inspired by the beautiful nature.

Dillano’s atelier; a tribute to the picturesque nature, witnessing the highest standards of craftsmanship & exquisiteness, depicted the fine sense of Chitwn D Malhotra in discovering and anticipating the beauty of nature in her ethereal collection. Her collection weaves a beautiful relationship between the nature and it’s passionate lovers. The unique repertoire of luxurious jewellery is vibrant and quintessential. The royal ensembles made up of 14 and 18 carat…

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Ayurveda in Managing the Low Blood Pressure

Yoga is our sanskriti and it is just awesome…


If you often feel fatigue, complain of lethargy, experience low appetite and are not able to focus on your work and family, then don’t forget to check your blood pressure level because these are the symptoms of low blood pressure (hypotension) and physical debility. It is very common these days and especially in urban areas because people in metros and other big cities are greatly afflicted by stress, depression, malnutrition due to skipping of breakfast, lunch or dinner, long working hours and sedentary life-style. Working women are more prone to this problem and it become worse during pregnancy, beside old age people too encounter this problem due to various physical ailments, inappropriate diet and oversleeping. As Ayurveda is a complete science of health and wellness, one can deduce complete health solutions from this ancient science and the only pathy which is hundred percent free from negative implications on mind and…

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8 Pictures that show you are in love with Nature’s Beauty!

1) When you are Happy and you feels nature’s warmth…
2 2) When you feels nature is calling you…3 3) When you feel you belong to nature…4 4) When you feel you are talking with nature…5
5) When you feel you have forgot everything except watching nature’s beauty…7 6) When nature’s beauty seems tempting you…8 7) When you feel you can touch the nature’s beauty… 9 8) When you feel you can walk along with nature…10

141 Dead in Peshawar School Attack… Will it Stop here?

Hundreds of children killed in Peshawar,Pakistan. It’s heartbreaking scenario where we get to see so much of bloodshed all around. But did anyone thought why these things are happening? You go to your neighbor country killed so many innocents and then they do the same.


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Our life is not so cheap that anyone can come and kill us in a barter system. Saying “Tumne humare bachchon ko mara hum tumhare bachchon ko mareinge” What the heck you don’t even looked one’s to those innocent faces of children.

tycc pak

But this is not only the terrorism or the cruelty. In our home we have terrorists who beat their wife’s, children, parents and a long list. What all you think people here who are showing or writing RIP on their wall are very humble and generous? Not at all… Everyone of us has some or the other time have treated badly with others.

When the cruelty within us will be killed, at that time we will have courage to take the stand for such deeds. We should overcome with the selfishness and be a humble and true person.

Visit to a Caernarfon Castle!


North Wales in United Kingdom has an awesome blossom places to visit. Fill with lots of castles Caenarfon castles one of its attraction.

5 things why you should visit Caenarfon:

  • It has got lovely seaside view.
  • It is full of positive surrounding which will force you to stay a long there.
  • One’s you visit you will capture its beauty lifetime.
  • All your stress will go and you will feel very calm.
  • Market place nearby has got lots of things, things that are cheap and will force you to buy one.


You will find a peaceful and healthy lifestyle there which will cool down your depression and stress. So don’t forget to visit Caenarfon Castle one’s you are in North Wales and then plan for Snowdonia… 😀

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